Central Sales Tax online: - How to Pay Online CST

Central Sales Tax can be quite helpful in building the continent. There are so many varieties of taxes laid because of the government of India for developing america infrastructure. delhi VAT rates is generated with the inter-state sales.


Here the transportation or sales of products and products is finished within the states of India. Yes it is only laid to the inter-state transaction. Now you don't need to wait with the March To pay CST. This is just like WB VAT rates.

Now gst department has launched a lovely website which you could pay CST returns online. There can be a simple process and you'll easily e-pay your tax within a few moments. You must have the User Id along with the password followed to your account by Sales tax department.

We have described here the full procedure for the best way to pay Central Sales Tax online, booking the procedure mentioned below.

How to Pay CST Online

Department of Central Sales Tax India initiated a policy of a new site with the help of individuals. By logging into its registered website a dealer or tax payer are going to pay their taxes online. Now let's introduce you the official website.


• Visit to www.dvat.gov.in site
• Now go through the Dealer Login Button.
• Keep your TIN no together with you. It is your user id and password
• Once you join with user id and password visit “Payment” link
• Immediately after this simply click “Go For Payment” option
• Tax period column will be where you must describe the time scale of CST amount
• The payment type options available that you need to enter your CST amount also.
• Choose the financial institution and go through the “proceed for payment” option.
• Now pay your tax through entering your net banking password and user id
• Once you through with all the process you'll be delivered the payment challan.
• Download it inside PDF format and require a print from it.

This is usually a hard proof you have paid the service tax payment . There is really a very minor process for paying online returns of CST. Dealers canalso get more information like CST rates and calculation of tax through this online portal.