Tax collected through the Government

The term taxes or wealth tax just isn't new and finds its origin in olden days. Studies show even just in primitive communities taxes were levied on income in a choice of form of direct taxes like trading of merchandise, on land, poll tax or in type of indirect taxes like custom duties on wool, leather and hides. The tax collected by doing this was used to offer safety and fulfil basic needs from the citizens by building infrastructure, legal systems for your communities

Very similarly, modern Indian Taxation system has had references from Manu Smriti and Arthasastra. Tax collected because of the Government is utilized to facilitate the lives in the subjects. Online pay income tax returns happens to be a time consuming process. In order to help citizens to pay for their taxes Hassel free additionally, on time, online tax payment system continues to be started.

Online payment facilitates taxpayers to repay their taxes utilizing their net-banking account with any in the Authorized Banks.

Below are few from the reasons for paying taxes online.

Time and placement are not constraint for paying taxes. Taxes could be paid anytime and everywhere using internet.

It helps with immediate credit of taxes through your bank account.


online payment being simple and user friendly and might be done with the subject itself , thereby avoiding any wrong data entry.

E-challan copy might be saved and instant receipt i.e challan of TDS Identification Number (CIN) may be received that is required to file the return.

Bank statement will show the niche?s transaction id on the e-payment transaction.

Online payment also can be useful for tracking perhaps the money has actually reached the I-T Department using

With effect from April 2008, it continues to be made mandatory through the I-T Department to spend taxes and make TDS/ TCS payment online for all with the following assesses.

  All the company assesses.

 All assesses (in addition to company) to whom provisions of section 44AB on the Income Tax Act, 1961 are applicable.

The government has authorised Banks to facilitate the tax payers to spend taxes online. The list of authorised banks can be acquired with NSDL-TIN Website. In case a taxpayer?s bank doesn?t provide online tax payment facility, the taxpayer will use other person?s checking account having facility of online tax payment caring for indicating his very own Permanent Account Number (PAN) on the challan.

This avoids the need from the tax payer to visit on the Bank to produce the payment and is usually done electronically at their convenience