A Comparative look on DTH as well as Issues in India

The article takes the various readers through the ultimate range of choosing from your cable or possibly a Direct to home System plus the common issues faced buy users of DTH in India

Advantages of DTH

1. Dolby Audio. Cable TV won't even come near

2. Digital Picture quality

3. Information Bar showing current and future program details

4. Special features

5. Always Available (given that there is electricity in your own home and the set top box is working and there is certainly no rain)

6. Advanced payment options (online).

Disadvantages of DTH

Many from the DTH services providers in India hide the disadvantage constitute the customer that your customer should be aware about the company. It's difficult to pick a package also to get every channel customer want. You have to pick a few DTH companies.

For any complaint in DTH you need to call Customner care service that takes time to respond. In the case of cable network you will need to call cable network person and the man will correct it quickly.

Suppose you would like to watch are in TV, Customner care no of sun direct DTH provider will not likely provide you the live that is going on someplace else but in case cable network will supply the service. In DTH you need to watch news and satisfy yourself

Cable network are connect throughout the cables wire one from the cable guy will comes your own house, connects cable wire for a TV and simply sends his payment collectors to accumulate the regular bills, as well as the monthly charges of cable will probably be fixed.


Benefits of Cable

1. No online transactions, No support phones, No late charge,

2. Huge time saving because of avoidance of above issues

3. No maintenance cost, No set top box issue.

Major Issues with DTH in India

Customers are treated since the GOD in the flooring buisingess, but afterwards the business treats that GOD because the stranger and pays zero attention towards them. The DTH services had prosper lots in India then again to you'll find 5-6% in the users are not fullfilled with the services offered by the DTH Service Providers in India and possess complaints with all the DTH services providers. Customers have complaints in connection with installation from the DTH connection. Even if the Installation is completed, the Activation is delayed.

Installation issue generally occurs because with the delay in installation with the company. A lot of Complaints are made with the Subscribers concerning problems in the Installation from the DTH Connection of varied providers.

Customers are treated because the GOD in the flooring buisingess, but at a later date the business treats that GOD because stranger and pays zero attention towards them. The DTH services had prosper a great deal in India then again to you'll find 5-6% on the users are not convinced with the services furnished by the DTH Service Providers in India and have absolutely complaints while using DTH services providers. Customers have complaints about the low signals on the DTH connection. Low Signal means, the channels gets disrupted even because of a small blow of wind or with some drops of rains.

Now-a-days DTH connections in India are developing very quickly. It has been proved how the DTH Connection is a lot better than the cable TV. The DTH companies in India, like Tata Sky, Airtel Digital Tv, Sun direct DTH, Videocon D2H customer care, Dish TV are more and more competitive daily. But a smaller barrier is been in the growth of DTH India, i.e. the societies in Mumbai are certainly not allowing the DISH Antenna for being placed within the terrace.

What in case a user wants a DTH Connection with the exceptional Residence just isn't in the South-east facing? There is only option left and that's to place the DISH Antenna around the terrace. But because with the restrictions with the societies that user cannot get the DTH connection. And because of vid large network of DTH Connections is not able to get it. Click here to know the information about How to get DTH connection

In addition for this, DTH providers have maintained the Monopoly in numerous buildings, i.e. they have got acquired the DTH Connection within the whole Society. In consequence of this anyone, otherwise satisfied by that DTH supplier, cant affect the DTH Connection and also have to bare it or cancel that connection