Copa America 2016 – 45th Edition

Copa America turns around once again in year 2016 transferral its forty fourth season from the time it's started. The game show is organized by CONMEBOL at every four years. The last one was organized in 2011 and was hosted by Argentina. Watch Copa America 2016 Schedule for free. The game was won by Uruguay and also the runner ups were Paraguay. The first game of Copa America was view in 1916. Since then it has been played often and has become an indicator of soccer in South yankee continent. Every four years the soccer contest of Copa America is welcome as a pageant of summer. The tournament also has a tradition of tempting 2 nations from alternative continent than South America. This season, Mexico and Jamaica area unit the invited or guest groups.


Copa America tournament is starting from eleventh June and plenty of preparations are done by Chile at it numerous stadiums to stage the games of this tournament. Chile is turning into the centre of attraction for the planet because it is hosting such internationally recognized tournament for the primary time. Chile has also got composed Associate in Nursing official theme song and has already conferred it to the planet as official anthem of Copa America 2016.

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Copa America 2016 Official Theme Song

The official theme song of Copa America has been specially got composed for the event and it will be performed by the artists live at the gap ceremony on eleventh of June before beginning the primary match of the Copa America 2016. The first match of the tournament is Chile vs South American nation.


The official theme song of em 2016 live stream is composed by Chile’s leading musical organisation called Noche DE Brujas or Allhallows Eve Nights particularly for this event. Many folks Watch Copa America 2016 on TV. The song sings of going to the South of the planet and also carries the eagerness of soccer within the South yankee continent and Chile. The video of the official song of Copa America 2016 can be watched on YouTube and additionally on the official website of Copa America 2016 and on Google and too.